Biometric Solutions


CYTESPACE offer a full range of EDC services that can be combined to meet any need and customer preferences. From database build to database lock, CYTESPACE is committed to customizing Biometrics solutions that emphasize transparency, integrity and accountability as much as speed and accuracy for small Phase I/II clinical trials to large Phase III-IV multinational studies. Our Biometrics team produces results that are source-verified, logical, reproducible and cost-efficient.

EDC Services

Full service Capabilities Platform Capability Infrastructure
eCRF design and Programming edit checks InForm, Medidata RAVE Global Delivery Model
Data Cleaning and Validation Medidata RAVE & I Medidata
Safety Data Reconciliation Merge e Trials Communication links
Medical Coding Clinbase (e Source)
(Database and Define.xml/SDTM/ADaM/TLF’s)
Clindex World-class data center
Project Management Nukleus
Sample size determination, Randomization, SAP and CSR