State-of-the-art statistical methods play a key role in every step of the drug development process.

Today, less than 10% of new compounds reach the market indicating the importance for advanced biostatistics services. We provide efficient clinical development strategies to shorten timelines, reduce costs & risks, and improve the quality of submissions.

At Cytespace, biostatistics remains an integral part of our services and solutions. Statistics is at the heart of every clinical study—driving study design, protocol development, clinical data collection, analysis and reporting. From study inception to delivery of the Clinical Study Report, our skilled biostatisticians are involved to increase efficiencies at every phase of clinical drug development. Our in-house validation and quality control processes eliminate the need for corrections from our client counterpart and we deliver clinical trial results that are scientifically accurate, validated and reproducible.

Our Biostatisticians are involved in wide range of activities, including: